Grandslam Men’s Natural Soft Shaving Cream Handmade Soap for Men


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Grandslam 150g/5.29 oz Shaving Cream

Tallow based shaving soap creates a protective lather and lubricates any razor for a smooth and irritation free shave. Leaves you with the closest shave ever.

You get a full shaving soap in an container. That’s enough soap to last for more than 100 shaves. We put it in an container so that you can use it without a shaving bowl, and it saves you from making a mess.

How to Use:

Step 1

Take a proper amount of shaving cream in the soap bowl.

Step 2

Moisten shaving bristles with warm water

Step 3

Use a shaving brush to spin out foam in the soap bowl.

Step 4

Apply foam to fibrous roots and shave.

Grandslam Story

In 2008,it is special year, my wife gave me a razor as a Valentine’s Day gift. She said to me, “Please use this razor to shave off your worries.” I was moved, you know, I don’t like sweet food very much. More importantly, at that time, I am starting the business, only had 3000 yuan totally. Then, I have an idea: can we design and produce a razor that “Men’s favorite,Women’s Favor” as gift brand? Over the past 11 years,We have endured many hard time together. We have achieved tens of millions of sales from 0. We have achieved global sales from 0 customers. I think the only reason is we have each other, love all the time.


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